The 20 Best Free Anti-Plagiarism Tools

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If you use technology for the right purpose, it will do wonders. But it can also be used for many immoral and unethical purposes. Plagiarism or Content theft is on the rise these days. And plagiarists take undue advantage of technology.

Earlier the plagiarist had to type or write the entire paper. But with the advent of technology, it is just a matter of a click. Not only this, there are many technological applications that can steal plethora of content in little time. The scraping applications of RSS steal the matter from countless feeds in just an hour and create thousands of spam blogs.

However, technology is very powerful. If, on one hand, it is easy to steal content; on the other hand, technology has introduced many tools which can prevent, check and monitor the content theft. Each webmaster these days can use these tools and check the content theft. He doesn’t have to sit back and think what if my content is stolen by somebody. These anti-plagiarism tools are very simple to use.

How to Prevent Content Theft?

Prevention is better than cure. The best solution is to prevent theft rather than finding a cure for the same. But preventing a theft is not very practical. Instead of putting a stop on plagiarists, the prevention tools irritate the users. Following are certain prevention tools:


The most powerful way to prevent image theft is putting a watermark. A watermark should be such that it cannot be removed. Pictureshark is used by many users. It is very quick and effective & can process many pictures with various effects.

Bad Behavior

It is a very effective anti-spam tool. This puts a check on malicious spidering and stop the automatic saving of the matter. It doesn’t work very effectively on RSS scraping applications but can catch any other person visiting your website with evil intentions.

Devpapers.htaccess Hotlink Protection

A major problem for the webmasters is image hotlinking. Apart from content theft, a bandwidth theft also takes place in this problem because each image is grabbed from the actual server. The webmasters should edit .htaccess file in order to avoid image hotlinking.



In case you do not wish to download a watermark software, try This tool helps you in adding an image or a text on your work. An alpha level is set by this tool which makes the watermarks more powerful.

How to Detect Content Theft?

It is easy to detect content theft than to prevent it. Many tools are available for detecting content theft. These are easy to use and are not annoying for the users at all.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts

What if you get a tool that reduces your effort? Google Alerts searches your content on its own. Take the keywords from your work which you think are important and put these in Google Alerts. It will update you whenever these keywords will appear on the internet.

Digital Fingerprint Plugin

Especially designed for WordPress, this tool affixes a keyword or phrase at the bottom of each post. Some tools are provided that search for this specific fingerprint on internet.


This tool detects the copy of a complete page. It is a very advanced tool and performs effectively than Google Alerts and other google searches. This is a paid version. Its free version displays only the first 10 results.

Google Image Search

Detecting image theft is more difficult than detecting content theft. If the file name of your images is different, search for the same in google and you can check if there are any duplicates. Most of the time, the image name is not changed by many plagiarists making it easy to detect it.

Technorati Watchlists

Technorati Watchlists

Technorati watchlists is similar to Google Alerts. It will automatically send you an alert when your keyword will appear on the web.

How to Cease Content theft?

Detection of plagiarism will only be useful if it is put to a stop after that. There are certain tools which will cease the content theft.


Copyfeed does not only detect plagiarism but also makes the posts embedded with the IP addresses of the RSS scrapers. This bans these scrappers from using the feed. It is a must have for the WordPress users.

Ebay VeRO Program

Ebay VeRO Program

Does your content appear on Ebay? You must sign up for Ebay’s VeRO program. You can close those auctions which breaks your rights.

How to Report Content Theft?

When you cannot stop plagiarism yourself, it is always better to report the same to somebody. Following are few tools:

Domain Tools

Domain Tools help in detecting the host of a specific dot com. All you have to do is to type the domain. You will receive all the details. The complete information is located in ‘Server Data‘. You can even find about the person who actually operates it.

Plagiarism Today’s DMCA Contact Information

When you have the information about the host, the question arises whom to report it. The easy answer is this link.

DMCA Templates

DMCA Templates

In case you are reporting to a host based in US, you require a file that a DMCA can notice. For this, you require DMCA template.

U.S. Copyright Office DMCA List

The Copyright Office of US keeps an account of the DMCA contact details. The information about many hosts is not upgraded while many hosts are not registered with office. Acrobat Reader is required by this website.

Signature Extension

This tool saves your time while copying the template and pasting it. It works very effectively with the templates and short texts. Also, it gels very well with online reporting and webmail systems.

How to Verify That It Is Your Work?

When you enter a dispute for the copyright of your work, you have to prove that it is your creation. There are certain tools available which will help you in verifying your work.

Registered Commons

You can register your complete work with Registered Commons. You will get an identity number and a certificate. RC will also give you fingerprint of your creation and a timestamp. This tool is free.


In Numly too, you will need to register your work and you will get its fingerprint and a timestamp along with an identification number.



This one is little different. You can store any evidence against the plagiarist in Furl. The cached copy is made of each page saved in it. Even if the plagiarist removes or changes the content, this cached copy will help.

The web pages are stored in older versions in this archive. There is no provision to register your account like in RC and Numbly but in case you want a rough idea, you can use this. Use the above mentioned tools to prevent, detect, cease, report plagiarism.

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