How To Tile Your Tabs Easily In Firefox

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If you are a Firefox user, this article is for you! This is because you will be able to customize your tab layout in a more efficient way. What if I tell you that you can view multiple tab pages in one go? Wouldn’t it be good to fit multiple tabs in such a way that you can see all of them simultaneously?

Well, if this sounds interesting to you, do continue reading as the secret of enjoying this simultaneous view is about to get unveiled!

What Can Make Firefox To Tile Tabs

It is the Tile Tab add-on that enables Firefox to tile tabs. In simple terms, it lets you see multiple tabs in one go on your screen without opening multiple browser instances. Once you see the different tabs as tiles on screen, you can arrange them vertically, horizontally, or in a grid; re-sized them by adjusting the splitter bars; and open new tiles by dragging the links. And yes, you can even scroll a tile to see the complete Web page.

How Do I Obtain The Add On

The Tile Tab add-on is available at from where you have to download and install it.

What Can Make Firefox To Tile Tabs

Once you are done with the installation, you will find the Tile option in the Menu Bar, Shortcut Menu, and on the Navigation Toolbar of the Firefox browser.

How To Use The Tile Menu

The very first action that you would like to perform is to tile the tabs. Interestingly, there are two ways of doing so. First, select Tile –> Tile Tab and choose the appropriate direction from the Above, Left, Right, and Below sub-menu options.

How To Tile Your Tabs Easily In Firefox

Alternatively, you can right-click an existing tab and select Tile All Tabs to tile all the open tabs vertically, as a grid, or horizontally.

How To Tile Your Tabs Easily In Firefox1

The mark of a tiled tab is a dotted blue bar under its tab button. If you wish to remove the tile layout for a tab, simply select Tile –> Untile Tab.

Tile Your Tabs Easily In Firefox

You can also untile all tabs at once by selecting the Untile All Tabs option from the Tile menu.

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Next, you can select a tile by clicking it or its corresponding tab. The indicator of the selected tile is a solid blue bar present beneath the corresponding tab as well as a blue border flanking the tile contents.

You can even expand a tile by double clicking it. This also makes all the other tiles to collapse in that group. However, if you want to equalize the size of all tiles, simply double-click a splitter. The splitter bars are located adjacent to the tiles, which you can drag for tile resizing.

Tile Your Tabs Easily In Firefox

How about scrolling all the tiled windows simultaneously for comparing the Web pages? Well, this is the most loved feature of this add-on. You just need to select Tile –> Synchronize Scroll for syncing the horizontal and vertical scrolling.

If you want to see the full content in the tiled tabs, you can do so by selecting Tile –> View Normal Tabs. The best part of this option is that you obtain this temporary view without losing the layout information.

The Concluding Line

The Tile Tab add-on is handy for managing too many tabs in your Mozilla Firefox browser. So, do you manage your Firefox tabs differently? Well, do share with us about it in comments.

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