How To Design Cool Features For A website without Using Complicated JavaScripts – Check Out The Latest CSS3 Tutorials

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CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets that describes the look and format of any text written in markup language. The CSS defines the presentation of any document and also the style of displaying the HTML elements. There are some external style sheets that are stored in CSS files that can save a lot of work while designing a website.
To understand the full functions of CSS, there are many tutorials that are available on the web. Many web designing blogs and websites offering tutorials are loaded with various guides that will teach every aspect of web designing using CSS.

To learn the skills of CSS is very essential for the web designers and developers so that creating and modifying the websites as per the demand of client can be done easily. Here in this article we are presenting some of the latest CSS3 tutorials that doesn’t use javascript to get the work done.

Check out some great tips and tutorials on CSS3 here:

1. How to Create Digital Poster Using CSS3

Create Digital Poster Design with CSS3 Only

It is a walk-through guide that will tell you to make the digital designs of the poster. However, this will be only supported by modern browser like Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox because it uses CSS3 properties.

2. How to Create Rollover Buttons Using CSS

Creating a Rollover Button Using CSS

This tutorial will tell you to create rollover buttons not based on Javascript. You will just need to use HTML and CSS using some background images. It means that you will now get rid of complicated java scripts.

3. Create a Stylish Button with CSS3

How To Create a Stylish Button Entirely with CSS3

Use some CSS gradients, borders, transitions, shadows, etc. to design some stylish buttons for your website. Whole guidance is provided in this website.

4. Minimalistic Navigation Menu Using CSS3

CSS3 Minimalistic Navigation Menu

Create animated navigation menu using simple CSS3 settings and give a graceful look even to the old browsers. Not only this, but these menu designs will be worthy for the coming generation of browsers.

5. How to Make Animated Menu Using CSS3

Making a CSS3 Animated Menu

It is a very short tutorial, that will describe the usage of effects and transitions of CSS3 to create the animated menu navigation bar. This will enhance the look of your website. It uses some neat features of CSS3.

6. CSS3 Dropdown Menu

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

If you want to learn how to create Dropdown menu looking like Mac , then this tutorial  will guide you. You can do so with the use of box-shadow, border radius, text-shadow etc. It can be rendered perfectly by Chrome, Safari and Firefox. However this dropdown menu will also work with IE7+, but it will not give the perfect look as rounded corners and shadow wouldn’t be rendered by these browsers.

7. How to Create Stylish Contact Page of a Website Using CSS3

Create a Stylish Contact Form with HTML5 & CSS3

This tutorial will describe the step by step process for using CSS3 to create stylish ‘Contact Us’ page for a website. There are some new cool features in CSS3 that will create the concept of Photoshop in code form.

8. How to Create Advanced and Awesome CSS3 boxes

Advanced (yet awesome) pure CSS3 boxes without using images

Now you don’t need to use the images for this purpose. You can create these simple and awesome advanced boxes that will be compatible with Firefox browser.

9. Clean and Stylish CSS3 Form

Clean and Stylish CSS3 Form

With the help of this tutorial you will be able to use HTML codes to get clean and stylish look for your CSS3 form. You have to use the label for every input field that can be wrapped in a div.

10. Create your Next Project by Using an Efficient CSS Sprite

Use an Efficient CSS Sprite for your next project

When the work of coding or slicing is to be performed then designers work very hard to make it efficient. You can create a CSS Sprite to save the on-load time and pre-loading of images. This will gibe the hover effects to the website. So, instead of getting 50 different .png icons, one CSS sprite will get them fit in a big file.

11. How to Recreate the Google Search Button

Recreating the Google Search button

This is one useful tutorial that will guide you to create the original looking buttons with same effect.

12. CSS Tutorial for the Google’s Top Navigation Bar

Google’s new top navigation bar – CSS tutorial

In this tutorial you will get an insight for the sleek and modern design of Google’s top navigation bar.

13. Using CSS Create the Dark Navigation Menu Design

Create a Dark Navigation Menu Design with CSS

Now you can use HTML and CSS to build the final menu using replicating designs and layout codes.

14. Pure CSS Mega Menu With a Professional Look

Pure CSS Mega Menu With a Professional Look

How to use the mega menus for navigating your website, this is what this tutorial will tell you. You will find it quite interesting.

15. Create the Buttons with No Images Using CSS3

CSS3 Buttons with no images

Get the guidance on creating CSS buttons using minimal markup language without images.

16. 3D Text Using Only CSS

3D Text Using Just CSS

In this tutorial you will learn the power of text-shadow property of CSS. You can turn it out on the advanced versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. All of these browsers will render the multiple text shadows on the elements.

17. Load Spinner Using CSS3

CSS3 Loading Spinner

Now you can create some attractive load spinners  with a feature CSS3 rotate-y loading graphic.

18. How to Use CSS3 for Creating Dynamic Stack of Index Cards

Use CSS3 to Create a Dynamic Stack of Index Cards

This tutorial will tell you to create smashing index cards, that can be used for navigation menus. It is based on the features of transition and transform.

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