Best WordPress Plugins for Backup and Optimization

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WordPress is an open source content management system and blogging tool that is available for free. It is powered by MySQL and PHP. It comes with many unique features such as template system and plug-in architecture.

It is a blogging platform commonly used by the webmasters and bloggers. The plugin directory of WordPress has made it very popular. In case you are using WordPress, then you must be familiar with the significance of optimization and backup.

In optimization, the software system is changed to make it perform more efficiently. There are some plugins in WordPress that can be optimized. This makes the WordPress function more quickly. It is very important to create a backup of the database and files to keep the data safe.

11 Best Plugins and Services of WordPress

W3 Total Cache

It is the most complete and fastest performance optimization plugin of WordPress. This plugin gives your website an improved user experience by improving the performance of your server, minimizing download time, caching all aspects of the site and offering a CDN integration. This plugin is trusted by many websites such as,,,,,, and many other websites.

w3 total cache

Backup Buddy Premium

This plugin provides backup to Amazon S3, FTP, Rackspace Cloud, email and your server. Your site is restored on the same server very easily and quickly. You can also migrate your site to another server that has a different database and domain. The entire process is quite reliable, fast and easy.

backup buddy


This WordPress caching plugin is static. HTML files served by Apache are generated without processing the heavy PHP scripts. The plugin helps in increasing the speed of your blog on WordPress.

wp super cache manager

Vaultpress Premium

It safeguards plugins, comments, themes, post-revisions, comments with the multi-cloud backups of WordPress. Your blog can be updated with hot-fixes. These are protected with zero-day vulnerabilities.

vault press

WP-DB Backup

A backup of the database tables is created by the plugin. The back up data can be saved on your server. You can also download it to your PC. The backup file can also be emailed to you.

WP-DB Backup


It is a database cleanup & optimization tool of WordPress 2.9++. No optimization of the database tables is to done by PhpMyAdmin. The comments that are placed in spam can be removed along with the unapproved comments and post revisions. This can be done by just a few clicks.

wp optimize

CloudFlare Caching Service

CloudFlare accelerates and protects a website over the internet. The web traffic of a website is routed through the global network of the plugin. Your web page delivery is optimized automatically and this gives your visitors a better performance and faster loading times.

cloudfareThreats are blocked and the abusive crawlers and bots are limited from wasting the server resources and the bandwidth. As a result, the websites that are powered by CloudFlare see a reduction in spam and an improved performance.


This plugin of WordPress keeps a check on the 404 errors and handles 301 redirections. In case you are modifying the WordPress installation directory or if the pages are shifted from an old website, this plugin is very useful in such a situation.

redirection plugin

Secure WP

Secure WP provides more security to the WordPress installation. The error information is removed from the login pages. Index.html is added to the plugin directories. The WordPress version is also hidden by the plugin.

secure wordpress


This WordPress plugin tracks the visitors in real-time. The admin console that keeps a check on the visitors is quite fancy and readable. This plugin is useful for statistics or SEO maniacs.

wassup plugin

Broken Link Checker

Your blog will be monitored for broken links. The sites with whom you have linked will be automatically checked by the plugin. The above mentioned plugins of WordPress are the best for optimization and backup.

broken link checkerDo you know of any more such WordPress plugins? Share with us.

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