3 PC Games Like Angry Birds That You Can Play Offline

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Angry Birds seems to be spawning over the Internet like anything. While some are still engrossed in this game, some have started getting bored of it. There are a lot of games to switch over to but the choice is limited when it comes to offline mode games.

So, for those who want a break from Angry Birds but do not want to shift to a constant Internet connection, here are three games that can be played in offline mode.

World Of Goo

Before Angry Birds became a sensation, World of Goo used to be a favorite among all. In fact, this particular game inspired many of the present physics-based games. It is interesting to note that World of Goo is quite similar to the graphical style of Angry Birds.

World of Goo

The game’s central character is Goo that is engaged in constructing bridges or buildings. The game might remind you of your childhood favorite i.e. Play-Doh and might look very easy when it starts. But after a few warm-up levels, the game gets real tough and you’ll find it difficult to jump over to next higher levels.

Higher levels of the game demand you to build highly complex structures. This is a time when you will have to recall your Physics classes. Everytime you miss, the entire structure falls down. This game is compatible with Linux, Mac, Wii and Windows. The developer is selling the World of Goo for $20 but on Amazon you will find it for just $10.

Crush The Castle 2

Crush the Castle 2 can be found on Armor Games and resembles the Angry Birds game a great deal. All you have to do is kill the nobles residing in the castle by throwing bombs at them. You can also opt for stones to kill the nobles. Although this game cannot be equated with Angry Birds’ level design, it betters most clones out there.

Crush the Castle 2

Besides, Crush the Castle 2 is backed up by a number of ammo types that make the game more happening. Your goal is to kill the nobles with the minimum possible bombs but won’t stop you from keep throwing innumerous bombs on the walls of the castle only to see it fall. Crush the Castle 2 is actually a web-based game but you play its flash file after downloading and installing it on your system. However, the game restricts use of some its features in offline mode.

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Crazy Machines 1 + 2

When Crazy Machines (original) first made its appearance in 2005, it got a major setback. Crazy Machines is back with its sequel which is more or less similar to the original version. Crazy Machines is all about solving certain challenges with the help of tools. If you have to cross each level real fast then you have to light fire to the creativity inside you.

Crazy Machines 1 + 2

Besides, those who are familiar with Rube Goldberg machine will find the game comparatively easier. You can avail the games (1+2 versions) on Amazon. Crazy Machines (original) is priced at $6.51 and its sequel costs $10.99. Also, Crazy Machines 2 can only be played on an advanced PC.

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