22 Free and Premium WordPress Slider Plugins

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Sliders for WordPress is a setup that gives you a choice of changing pages automatically or with assistance of tabs. It is an extremely powerful slide-show tool, you can say, from the house of WordPress. You can feature unlimited number of Posts and Pages, as many as you want.

Picture of each and every post or page can be customized, which automatically gets cropped to right size/resolution, utilizing WordPress’ built-in thumbnail function. It gives you freedom of giving effects to your posts/pages, like SlideRight or Fade, etc. In addition to this, timeout, size, design, etc. can be changed. It is as easy as boiling eggs. For editing a post or a page, you just need to choose “Feature in WP-Featured Content Slider”.

There are a few free sliders for WordPress that are formed and based on jQuery. Even these free sliders give you the option of customizing things in a better way. Some of the free sliders give you almost all the facilities, including customized administration row, etc.

There are multiple giveaways available, all offering different features and capabilities. The Plug-ins provide easy-to-use ways to give forth superb sliders. Best part is that user does not need to have any coding knowledge to operate it.

Capabilities range from 3D transitions to picture rotator, etc. Only you decide the limit!

List of Top 22 Free and Premium WordPress Slider Plugins

Easing Slider

This is an image slider plug-in for WP that uses the jQuery Easing plug-in. It comes with options that enable you to choose different sources to get images from. Also, it gives you multiple styling options so that you never need to edit any files directly. It enables you to create your own uniquely elegant slider. It also has optional features like New Link images to URLs, next and previous buttons, Pagination with custom icons, three different shadow types, seven different types of pre-loaded icons, padding and border settings, and much more.


It is a jQuery-based image slide-show script that displays specific images on your WP-based website with sliding or fading transitions. It uses core jQuery library and is pretty tiny in size, only about 20kB.

v slider

Obviously, you do not need to having any coding knowledge to use it. It is compatible to different browsers and is very easy to use.

Nivo Slider

Nivo Slider provides you with 16 unique transition effects and loads of settings to tweak. It has built-in directional and control navigation and weights only about 12 kB in size. It supports keyboard navigation and linking images. It also lets you enjoy HTML Captions and 3 Slick Themes. The images get cropped and sized automatically and you do not need to have any coding knowledge.


The SlideDeck enables you to create a media and content-rich slier on your blog or website, obviously without needing to know about coding. It is compatible with WordPress interface and very easy to use. You can insert SlideDeck in posts, pages, and even theme.



Slidepost is a simple plug-in to display WordPress posts as a slide-show. It has features such as full-screen slide-show of posts, jQuery scroll animation, randomized display order, description text, custom logo options, two presentation styles, and multiple resolutions.


Pixwall is utilized to create animated slide-shows with particular effects. It also lets you enjoy features like full-screen background and multi-instance. It has extended administration panel and is very easy to use. It also allows you to put in videos, caption and HTML and multiple effects. The jQuery mobile version is also available. Different skins are obvious.

WordPress 360 Degree Image Slider

The WP 360 Degree Image Slider is an extremely configurable plug-in that adds slider functionality to your posts or pages. It has an elegant and sleek design and adjusts to any size. It gives you link support, easing effects, and all-browser support. It is pretty simple to customize and is very well documented.

wordpress 360 image slider

Sublime Slider

The Sublime Slider is a fantastic plug-in that enables you to create and display unlimited amount of image galleries on your website. You can even create sliders using your pictures or get them from Flickr or Picasa. The plug-in supports multiple themes, even at full-screen view and customized predefined dimensions.


RoyalSlider is a cross-device jQuery content slider with touch-based navigation and fluid layout. The administration panel is user friendly, enabling you to manage the slides, settings and other related things very easily. It also gives you power to add blocks-captions using custom WYSIWIG editor. It is based on HTML version. It has many other features too!

jQuery Carousel Evolution

It is a plug-in that allows you to easily create powerful whirligig slider in a few minutes, which can then be integrated into any page with a short code. Other features you can enjoy with this plug-in are up to 9 different styles and positions, next and previous buttons, automatic animation of slides with auto-play interval period, etc. It supports the automatic creation of image shadow and reflection. Again, very easy to use. Has other unique features.

Fullscreen Background Image Slider

Main features of this slider are full-screen background image slider with customized jQuery full-screen slider, easy drag and drop of images to change order, etc. It has light and black styles and ability to exclude chosen custom post types that do not use full-screen background feature. Documentation is included.

Fullscreen Background Image Slider WP Plugin


CCSlider is feature-filled and give you ten HTML5 Canvas-based 3D animated effects and ten stylish 2D animated effects. It also supports HTML captions and you have an option to have links to individual slides. Autoplay option is there with drag option to sort slide order. You can also preview your slide before saving it.

ChopSlider 2

ChopSlider 2 gives you options of full navigation control, captions with any HTML content, external and call-back API, autoplay, and compatibility with all browsers. It is also very light in weight.

Accordion Ensign Rotator

The plug-in comes with a custom administration panel, which allows you to customize and manage all of your slideshows. Drag and drop feature is also present to change the order of images.

Accordion Ensign Rotator

It gives you power to set up a title and a caption text at each picture, styled with CSS. URL link on each can also be set to point to another web page.


SliderPRO gives you more than 100 transition effects and 100+ customizable properties, plus 10+ slider skins and 7+ scrollbar skins. Supports HTML and multiple sliders on same page with possibility to shuffle the slides and autoplay. Show/Hide slider controls option is also available.

Premium Featured Posts Slider

The Premium Featured Posts Slider includes six predefined layouts and customized layouts with 18 variables. You also get thumbnails, arrows, and pagination slide controls with extensive user-friendly documentation. Also provided is intuitive administration GUI with in-line help.

Premium Featured Posts Slider

Slider Evolution

It is a jQuery plug-in that allows you to easily create powerful javascript sliders with great transition effects. You can create an unlimited number of sliders with customized settings for each one. Moreover, you can place them anywhere you like on your WordPress website, that too with great ease.

Flip Book

Flip Book gives you video support with FLV playback including livebox for video playback. Full-screen option with auto-size and auto-fit are also present. You get an additional zoom option in this. Also supported is full-screen preview and option to download flip book as PDF. Advanced shading, transitions, and animations are part of it with ActionScript 3.0.

flip book

JQuery Slider

It is a carefully crafted slider/banner image rotator which is full of features and easy to install and customize. It gives you skins support and multiple sliders on one page support of the banner with 66 unique transitions and unlimited variations.


It lets you support multiple billboards on the same page along with video support. You get multiple skins, configurable controls and a new easy-to-use administration interface. With more than 20 transitions and content editor and animated transition countdown, you get ability to use blogposts as slide content with live preview. Other features such as import/export, autoplay and randomized slide order and automatic image resizing are also part of it.


DDSlider enables you to manage your slides the way you want, independent of the pages and posts. It provides 11 different transitions with ColorPicker and TimThumb integration. Direct access to documentation from administration panel is available.


Slider Gallery Shortcode

The Slider Gallery Shortcode creates new shortcode for WordPress, which enables you to create a gallery in seconds. Back and forward controls are available for each slide. Image transitions along with image title are offered with transition speed control. You also have an option to exclude selected images and set pause between transitions. Documentation is also available.

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