9 July, 2012 2 Comments
If you are looking for a WordPress theme, then RichGRID is not the perfect choice. Though it is a premium WordPress theme but it is not an ideal theme to be used. If you are creating a blog on celebrity gossip, interior design or fashion then you..
9 May, 2012 1 Comment
Header is the most important element in the design of a website. A web designer should give due consideration to the header while designing. If the header is not impressive, the other elements of the website lose their meaning...
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It is not easy to design a website. You need to combine the visual design with the usability and utility to make an impressive website. There are many factors that need to be considered for designing a website...
8 May, 2012 1 Comment
Google Chrome is becoming a very popular browser. In fact, it is beating the popularity of Firefox. Chrome has brought a huge competition in the market. It is loved by many users because of its functionality and speed. Many capabilities are offered through the chrome web store...
8 May, 2012 1 Comment
Gone are the days when we used to carry textbooks along with us in our bag packs, now is the generation for the laptops, I pads, tablets in our wallets. The eBooks are the current hot stuff for the geeks out there; also, these E books comparatively..
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Today mobiles are not limited to communication or for text messaging only. In fact, they serve us in many ways. Entertainment, music, education and the presence of a variety of apps has made the mobile handset an indispensable part of our lives today. The invention of apps..
7 May, 2012 2 Comments
These days there are mobile apps for almost anything and everything you can think of. Vacation tours and holiday trips are organized more frequently than ever before. Many web sites on the internet provide information regarding the holiday destinations one can explore in a certain region or..
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Thanks to the hackers, one’s presence on the web is always under constant threat. Irresponsible thinking can further lead to un-authoritative and illegal access of your sensitive data by these hackers who can use and misuse it at the drop at a hat. For this reason, privacy..
4 May, 2012 1 Comment
If you own an iPhone and travel on regular basis for business purposes then you must make yourself familiar with the 3 must-have iPhone apps for business travel that will help you while you are away from your hometown. To run a business successfully and to promote..
27 April, 2012 No Comment
Purpose of Windows XP Startup Disk is very simple, it allows us to boot our computer and have control on operating system. Once you do this, you have an option to take a backup of all your data...
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Tumblr has given a new concept to content creation. Tumblr themes are the best for the beginners. You can start a new blog by using this theme or give a new look to your website. In this article, we will list down 12 Tumblr themes that will..
26 April, 2012 1 Comment
Pinterest is a new form of social media that is growing rapidly. It spreads a word by emphasizing on the visuals. This method is ideal for promoting your products amongst the masses. In fact, it is the best method to inspire people. Pinterest uses a jQuery plugin..
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Mobile apps have become popular among growing number of smartphone users. Many companies fail to realize the importance of developing a strategic application that remains appealing to users for a long time...
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If you are a marketer who is using a landing page to sell just one product, check out the Convertible Landing Page WordPress theme. A page can be created by using this theme to sell the products to the visitors. This theme is excellent for a sales page. A..
25 April, 2012 1 Comment
There has been a growing interest about Windows 8, the latest operating system that is rumored to be launched sometimes in October this year. Previews and test reports available till date appears to be highly interesting. This latest feature packed operating system from Microsoft has all the..